ambient dissonance overload

the coffee maker
an angry cockroach
petulant as
the lone bird
cries a monotone
i shift these
heavy chains
to prepare myself
to haunt this
bone prison
in wretched dismay
waiting for the sun
to rise once more

the breeze from
the ceiling fan sends
daggers of pain
across ny scalp
as i search for
my trusted hat to provide
a small discomfort
the bare nerves in
clustered distress

caffeinated hints
of desperation linger
in the yellow infusion
across sodden gray
as i shake
the corpselike remnants
of unrestful sleep
cobwebs fluttering
a weighted net
holding thought
just beneath the surface
of a trickling stream
blue lips and
burst blood vessels
diluting hints of green
into a mess of
deep brown nothingness
as i wander alone
blowing kisses across
the steaming cup
muttered adorations
spin monochrome rainbows
onto a world filled
with impassioned

it isn’t breaking down
if you never managed
to get enough traction
to begin in the first place
just more of the same
frustrated denials
carefully detailed
in every painful gasp
as the world wobbles
ever forward
into the nonsensical
holding patterns of need


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