a sheet of paper, part four

the sheet of paper
slid itself beneath
the heavy wooden door
and into a small room
with an old lady who
sat steadily tapping
the typewriter keys
a faint bell and a
short scratch as the
return was slid home

the sheet of paper
scrunched itself up
and using the current
of the ceiling fan
flew through the room
to land on her desk
her eyes widened slightly
but she u hurriedly
finished her task
before sitting back
and eyeing the page

“are you here for the job?”
the paper jostled slightly
and she smiled, “i thought
so, do you have any experience
in reporting?”

they sat together for
most of the afternoon
as she explained the job
and at the very end
she opened the door and
removed the help wanted sign
and the sheet of paper
found itself with a
small office, and new job
to go along with the image
of wildflower smiles
ingrained into its heart

it had been a long day
the new experieces that felt
so jarring and strange now
settled into excitement for
the next day to begin
but for now at least
the sheet of paper rested
and a yawn rippled as the
light slowly faded to night

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