a hundred miles of anxious meandering

a hundred miles
melting away beneath
the tires gripping
the gradient asphalt
as i dart
threading the needle
between tired truckers
and a mirage of
duplicate white cars
the framrate stutters
jagged textures
carve the insolent blue
as waco comes ever closer
locked in a loading screen
before the bland backgrounds
stretch in a loop
all around me

vultures pick at
whatever rancid corpse
lays bloated beneath
the penetrating snarl
where summer stabs down
in all her dying glory
the hawks circles
static images on the warm
contrails preprogrammed
for the desolation
connecting dallas to
laredo by the garbage strewn
umbilical of thirty five
the brown emptiness
blurs by as i attempt
to make the drive
without once letting off
the accelerator
racing the first spark of
blue flame as it hungrily
consumes the accelerant
haphazardly sprayed in
my reflection of
eternal indifference

the thoughts echo
off the empty corridor
the pixelated hell
where the divine paintbrush
scraped the empty pallette
leaving nothingness
to repeat itself indefinitely
over a hundred miles of
anxious meandering


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