hoarse cries of fathomless devotion

the clouds drift
snuffing out the stars
the same way life
smothers hope leaving
the land shrouded in
an opression of
billowing darkness
as i clutch with
bloody hands to the
shards of dreams
as they recede into
the perpetual night
where insomnial desires
fluctate petulantly
against the hammering
tide of futility
sounding an orchestra
along this ivory cage
keeping me tethered to
to a mortal coil where
i toil fruitlessly
in suspended damnation

collecting electronic
mementos of unparalleled
beauty in folders
i cannot touch for fear
of staining perfection
leaving bloody fingerprints
along the screen as i
tap out odes to despair
because my deep seated
ugly despoils nature
with suffocating repugnancy
an abandonment of self
hiding agony away in
a flurry of fluttering
metaphorical insignificance
my irregular heartbeat
a cascading dissonance
absorbing the starlight
in its voracious need
as the night coalesces
around my throat choking
the cries to form diamonds
in the back of my mouth
a sparkling chasm of
fathomless adorations
bathed in the darkness of
my own abysmal failings


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