35 at west

the turkey bizzards circled
tue heavy plumes of
black smoke that billowed
angrily across the clear azure
from the pickup truck
filly engulfed in flames
blocking the on ramp
just outside of tiny
west texas north of waco
i do not slow down
the accelerator is pushed
firmly to the floorboard
as i weave between gawkers
my mind taking in the traffic
the firetrucks and all
the angry drivers sitting
trapped mere feet from the
open highway leading to
anywhere but the thick
carcinogenic smog in flicks
of hazel disinterest more
concerned with finishing
my thoughts to the hawks
anxious to hear more about her
i am rocket propelled
certainty of destruction
boring straight to the
half vacant heart of temple
going too fast as the weekend
screams for my attention
unable to accept my brain
is filled with her smile and
everyday blurs itself into
a dreamslurry of floating petals


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