pearlescent oblivions

sleep pulls
a lazy current
as i trudge
the silt for
pearls enough
to grind up
a binding agent
in shimmering
flecks of
bespeckled angst
i swim against
the tide sucking
at the shore only
to find myself
surrounded by
surprised fish
flailing in the
sudden absence of
murky salinity
slapping the floor
of eroded dreamsand

tangled up in my
own intangibility
a future has been
squandering his
fifteen seconds of
trying to scribble
something pretty
to prove at one
point or another
i was right fucking
here screaming alone
to a cricket chorus
hoping frantically
if i cover my eyelids
in pearlescent disguise
the bad dreams won’t
find me curled up in
a tight little ball
an armadillo in soft
pink flesh trembling
seeking the magic
fibonacci sequence that
will make it all


just drop me off
at the nearest oblivion
i can find my own
ride home

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