an abandoned year

the last year
has been in dedication
to sullen dessication
as i withered on
the vine beneath
the harsh glare of
my own ineffectualities
rotely reciting
innocuous intangibilities
in an abundancy of
dehydrated incoherencies
lost in an infinite loop
where emotional health
listlessly languished
in a lethargic haze
of silent affirmations
issuing a full retreat
as a counterpoint to the
cacophonous choir of
enforced acceptances
to the vacuous whims
in indifferent denials


One thought on “an abandoned year

  1. vacuous whims? Hmmm…. vacuuming for fun… reminds me of that child’s toy that when you roll it over the carpet it whooshes colored balls around inside its see-through head, causing a rattle and yet it doesn’t actually clean anything. 🤯


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