dusting off old talking points to the same effect

i have become
a student of the
false banter brokered
by internet jockeys
spinning outrages
taking truth and
perverting it for
an enabled audience
to rage over momentarily
despite any factual
evidence to support it
it is fascinating
televsion shows are
pandering and the
cartoon characters
cannot be homosexual
vaccines are trackers
and the media controls
the same narrative
they manipulate but
it is do as i say
and ignore what i do
they are sheep dogs
barking at the slowest
sheep in the herd
to rustle them to the
voting booths or get
them to donate to
snake oil salesmen and
charlatans masquerading
about as unbiased folk
whipping up a frenzy
to distract the masses
hellbent on sowing as
much chaos as possible
while sneaking off with
as much ill gotten gains
as their porcine hooves
can manage to liquidate
and i watch as they
tune their fiddles
in preparation for the
bonfires grown too far
out of control to ever
hope to easily rectify

the only difference
between the gross stupidity
of the current day
and that of the past
is the ease in which
the rhetoric reachs
the congregation of
eagerly led buffoons
instead of book burnings
social media torches
entire careers based on
constantly moving
goalposts of the
mass hysterical whims
forgetting the victors
write the history books
as we excise pages at
the behest of the true
puppet masters changing
the past to promote a
future of their design

it isn’t about who is right
it is who screams the loudest
spends enough to spread
these poisoned opinions
the truth is another
casualty in the class war
waged by marionettes
keeping the populace
perilously off balance
waving one hand to distract
from the dagger in the other
chasing imaginary monsters
while the evil bastards
rape and pillage
pointing at the immigrants
or whatever hot button
talking points have been
shown to agitate the herd
inciting riots and then
decrying the violence
the exact same way
they have all along
and i have found that it
isn’t a conspiracy theory
when they don’t even bother
to hide all the evidence
because it is obvious
facts are useful only when
they support your agenda


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