ten years too long

the last year
lasted a decade
i hit record lows
which is honestly
saying something
it was a slow
dissolution of
friendships where
exterior forces
revealed hidden
identities i had
never suspected
and the poor fool
with his abandonment
issues forcefed
a fallacy of
false facades where
trusted confidants
had once occupied
led to bleeding
a pool of insecurities
deep enough to
drown in sorrows

a year that lasted
at least a decade
and as the world dies
preparing for winter
my hades heart flares
with amethyst light
as i shake off the
cobwebs that formed
to suffocate hope
i guess seven years
had passed and this
new version of the
same fool shed that
shell of despondency
tired of dreaming of
what is nearly already
in my feverish grasp
a lost year behind me
and a future rife with
new stories and poems
to drape the land in
a delicious emptiness


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