the rusted chains
keep me tethered
to this irradiated
radiator of irregular
rationalities and
deep seated tetanus
delusions as the
water boils sending
molten distractions
in a white hot fury
of demure denials
my skin blisters
then bursts in a
rampant display of
ravaged reservations

the world is trapped
in muted relapse
or perhaps the echos
of pained screams
have left me deafened
as the bitterness of
incoherence floods
my talented tongue
an intoxication of
triumphant turmoils
a deluge of defeats
shuddering across the
folds of gelatinous
contusions where the
excess firing of
nervous indignations
casts a sounding to
the gauge the depths
of this salty soulchasm

a congestion of
misaligned over helpful
white blood cells
forming a subcutaneous
layer to smother the
inflamed bronchial roots
in a swampy displacement
of oxygenated hope


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