the sunlight filters
through the solid mass
of accumulated cumulus
bathing the city in an
irradiated silver glare

it feels too hot
for so late in the year
as autumn promises
are obscured by
greenhouse suffocation
i long to crawl out of
the hole in the ozone layer
to drift free alone
another celestial oddity
confounding astronomers
a rictus grin as all
my blood boils to vent
in the great emptiness
lurking between the stars

everything has become
a conspiracy theory as
the idiots scream lies
forty four billion dollars
wasted in an epic
midlife crisis meltdown
sore losers and children
blaming the media for
daring prove these would be
despots for the filth
they have always been yet
hero worship from the
fanatical followers who
will never have one percent
of what is pissed away daily
refuse to acknowledge truth

the sunlight stabs angrily
silvery daggers diffusing
through stationary clouds
as the world wheezes further
to the point of no return


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