it is probably
completely normal
to be stricken by
such a dark depression
sitting alone sobbing
in between breaths
i cannot catch
as puddle’s pity party
plays the soundtrack
to a life unlived

the skeletal hand
of hope squeezes my chest
in a redundancy of
shattered shards piercing
in bleak submissions
and i am donedonedone
being a bit player in
this tragedy with my
name scrawled in blood
over the dilapidated doorway
leading to infinite sorrow

killing time until
i can lay fitful in bed
gasping for breath
in a monumental silence
smothered and covered in
the indecencies of
matronly scars from lessons
i was necer quite smart enough
to learn the first fofty times
an ever curious fish
dying in the sunlight of
promises never meant to be kept

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