purple static

the clouds above
dead static in an ode
to forevers undreamt
sickly purple of
a week old bruise
god’s divine hematoma
reflected in refraction
of pulmonary devotionals
in muted dejections
a funeral a wedding
a death bed confessional
of first kisses squandered
a symposium on natural
reactions to mythical
mysticisms as taught
by madmen and healers
with fevered stares
piercing the umbra
of ritualistic malaise

a low hum oscillating
the sound of crickets in
the feathery fall of
an unseasonal blizzard
the army of angels
swords of fire swooping
over this land of perdition
an aggregation of sin
tepid denials of secret
tempestuous desires
a gathering of wilted blooms
upon the bloated corpse
of yesterday’s laments
embers dancing lazily
beneath skies of dead static
the pooled blood in the
abdomen of divinity
in an ode to perpetual
sickly purple suffocations

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