unbearably worthless

in and out of
i have
forgotten how
to form words
with this tongue
i am uncertain
is mine
the heaviness
that accompanies
this depression
pins my form
to the page
a butterfly
frozen in midflap
blue fingertips
tracing the
frost on the window
as the sun refracts
off the snow
the sparrows sing
shiny baubles
half buried in
the drifting
a pencil scratches
sloppy lines
in escapist fantasy
falling backwards
slipping sideways
unattached to
bitter sorrows
through my
soul bereft corpse
a hot air balloon
buffeted by the
callous north wind
blue plumes flare
as i deflate
best intentions
a jigsaw puzzle
in a wood chipper
never whole
sawdust delusions
always drifting
in silent reproach
anxiously aimless
aimlessly anxious
at the edge of
a full mental break
incapable of
making a sound
in and out of
temporal flux
paperthin in
my insignificance
fluttering lightly
each breath harder
pulling the rusted
barbs in deeper
in the darkness
of acceptance
unprocessed by
a broken mind
blue fingertips
tracing the grain
in chaotic repose
of frost forming
to glaze over the
window to the soul


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