longest night

the solstice
is quite apropos
the longest night
matching my
dark nimbus
as depression
colors my world

i should be
used to the varied
shades of darkness
these hues
my fractured
sense of self
shines effortlessly
in the hollows
of my mind
every random arc
in miswired
synapses sending
high voltage
in convulsively
rigorous sadness

i blackout
all the windows
with brushes dipped
in the sins leaking
from the lesions
marring my light
bereft soul

we race
ever faster toward
an ending
some of us feel
deep in our
splintered bones
filling the gaps
between frequent
with busy work
as the nights
grow longer
sunshine colors
memories as
darkness spills
into the broken

the solstice
seems far too apropos
the longest night
the darkness
pouring itself
seductively into
a prevalence of sorrow


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