the windows
deform as the
winds assault
that dares defy
its invisible
endless wrath
melted silica
in crystalline
rigidity in a
wobble high
over the streets
filled with the
vacant eyes
just how close
they are to
glass raining
down from the
thirtieth floor

i was flawed
in my tempering
unable to handle
the rage of all
the invisible
factors pummeling
my warped form
miniscule cracks
in microfractures
race along my
half hearted grin
splintering the
hazel dissonance
drifting from
electric jello
in an ivory cage
flooded with a
faulty fight or
flight instinct
sending adrenaline
in jolts of anxiety
a hailstorm of
shredding hope
in a whirlwind of
my own devises


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