let it burn

the funeral pyre
threatens to
blot out the sun
as the gathered
detritus of
hooes shattered
throughout the
dying year
stabs the horizon
with dreamsplinters
that pierce the
vacant dissipation
of god’s bored
penumbra listlessly
swatting away the
earnest pleas
from voices long
ignored by divinity

angelic tears
in molotov kisses
flicker with a
sullen blue flame
eager to ignite
the swirling bits
of daydream tinder
in this hollowed
out home for lost
childhood aspirations
condemned by the
state of adult
inabilities to
compensate for those
soul deep scars
eagerly awaiting
the cleansing fire
to begin again anew

a year of letting
anxieties dictate
the terms of surrender
held in stasis by
fear and misapprehension
misinterpreted or
simply misdiagnosed
as a fool ran headlong
into the same walls
he had been fighting
for far too long
leaving the best part
of who he wanted to
be in the dirt as
he tried for inclusion
where he was little
more than a leper
begging at the gates
incapable of accepting
he wasn’t being ignored
but that he didn’t
really ever exist

let it all burn
the ashes spread on
the fields of
a fresh spring planting
another crop of
undernourished seedlings
with no expectations
of taking root in
the salted soil of
beneath the inverted
skies of photonegative
the eventual harvest
where reciprocated agonies
showered the land in
a tempest of bitter
disdain from the
seething clouds of
self obsessed denials
in extinction laden
swarms of catastrophe

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