listless, lethargic, and lost

by this petulant
haze of
unable to find
a reason to
anything at all
as the morning
chill burns off
and i sit alone
in a parking lot
unwilling to
make a move
the crushing
weight of
as i curl up
into a ball inside
this faulty shell
ignoring the
cracking sounds
as i shift
ever smaller into
the silent abyss
so familiar in
a familial way

every morning
the fight gets
incrementally more
difficult to
extract myself
from the shadows
to show my face
when i cannot
bare to glance
at the reflections
of monumental
rejections trying
to paste a false
veneer of humanity
across the emptiness
burning behind
hazel nothingness

wooden tongue
cutting deeply into
the soft pallette
deep grooves worn
from pleading odes
broken oaths
offering forever
in momentary flashes
an accumulation of
binding promises
tangled anchors
throttling the flow
of adoration in
strangled sighs
overwhelmed by the
tumors of sadness
and unable to move
while the world spins
unaffected by all
the words left unsaid

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