coit and campbell

the turn signal
at campbell
going to coit
is liekly the
shortest light
in the metroplex
for such a busy
a brief interchange
leading to cars
sitting through
five changes of
green to red
before being less
than halfway
through to see
it shift to yellow
once more stranding
angry faces for
the next cycle

i osscilate at
the same frequency
my patience
grown as swift
as this malevolent
gatekeeper holding
the throngs of
impatient drivers
hostage as they
stare at the
seven eleven and
watch the cars
drive unhindered
into the distance
the need to pull
over and scribble
another dirge of
lonesome laments
but i have nowhere
to go and no time
to get there so
i let them percolate
into another bad
trip around the
same untenable goal
stranded at the
light trying to
merge onto coit
from campbell and
watching life
pass by quickly

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