the problem
with a need for
total control
over every
situation is
it leads to
a false sense
of being the
only one whose
opinion matters
when things
deviate from
the expected
it has a tendency
to make those
suddenly in
chaos shut down

i have ny own
terminal tendencies
as i leave
everything to
the chaos
i don’t need
to exert control
as i only know
letting the
currents sweep
me along in
their sinuous
catastrophic wake
and best intentions
are as worthless
as a poet in
this modern day

life is beyond
our fleeting sense
of control
we are swept along
until our bodies
are slammed mercilessly
against the shore
trying our best
or checking out
the same nothingness
awaits us all
i just want to
sink beneath the
waves into that
emptiness and sleep
endless and free
of this constant ache


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