airplanes and chimes

rumble to break
the stillness
of the evening
the occasional
high rev of
a motorcycle
the faint
clang of the
wind chimes
dances in the
darkness where
i sit nursing
a headache and
the insomnial
delusion maybe
tonight will
bring some sleep

i wish i were
on one of those
planes headed
anywhere but
to another night
in my feelings
the globe rather
than the same
unsolvable riddles
in my empty head
i wouldn’t need
more than one
backpack and a
carry on as i
vanish into the
jungle or mountains
no plan at all
just a faulty sense
of direction and
a whole fucking
world to explore

reality is a
harsh mistress
there is no ticket
just the ceiling
all these thoughts
and no release
i figure anxiety
works my heart
as hard as a long
distance runner
so it is fifty fifty
if the panic brings
a hesrt attack or
if i just keep up
this fucking charade
into the next all
night session of
airplanes circling
as wind chimes toll
a soul bereft dirge
for the half life
of dimwitted poets

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