hot and cold

my lips
will keave
you singed
the fever
in one
kiss burns
an inferno
leaving your
lovely shadow
burnt into
a silhouette
onto the wall

my embrace
carries the
chill of
the grave as
your heart
fuels the
flames while i
siphon your
very soul with
the grace of
my silvery
talented tongue
icy crystals
form wherever
my fingertip
gently trace

the moonlight
glints off of
my rakish smile
a saintly sinner
unveiling an
oasis of earthly
delights as your
hands grip tight
the horns curling
from my skull
hellfire trailing
as my lips feel
your pulse quiver
as i taste your
hot salty flesh

fire and ice
a mortal incarnation
of primal destruction
sending shockwaves
of delirious delight
a contradiction
in divine oscillation
harnessing bipolarity
into poisoned tips
on eros’s arrows

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