the silence of a blackout in wintry denial

the rain began
in the middle of
the night
the power failed
soon after as
i lay shivering
beneath the heavy
gray blanket
listening to the
elegiac sounds
of the chimes
half muted in
the frigid drops
while winter sat
watching patiently
in the gray swirl

my mind leapt
between conclusions
as little flashes
of abanadonment
sparked into the
effervescent night
frantic notes
rang out petulantly
in the mass of assorted
tumors of a malevolent
clanging cacophony

lavender bolts
crashing full force
as chattering lips
perform the elegy
a backdrop of
precipitation falling
cold lines traced
the dirty windows
as hot tears blossom
following the
hoarfrost mementos
in the silence of
this funeral procession
for long lost days
in reciprocated warmth

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