frozen vagabonding

standing beneath
steel gray skies
in the yellowed
light shining off
the buildings
the air is still
yet filled with
a trillion icy
hanging droplets

there is calm
a blanketed
serenity laying
gently in a
glittering crust
as i stand
vibrating with
sparkling light
an alien tourist
plucking diamonds
only for them to
melt on my skin
letting the cold
saturate my
crooked smile as
i remember the
starlight dancing
on pristine fields
of freshly fallen
frosty accumulation

i am far from home
or far from that
sepia colored place
of irradiated youth
my vagabond heart
evicted from the
nook she rented me
in the hollow of
her delicate throat
half frozen and
staring at the sky
begging the emptiness
to part the clouds
and face my wrath
writing love letters
in ice laden mist

i wonder if
there truly is
a cold front
or if my sorrow
has grown to
consume everything
in my purview

even the wind chimes
hang themselves in
an uncertain malaise
as my poetry
sublimates to swirl
among the hanging
swarm of wintry kisses


2 thoughts on “frozen vagabonding

  1. Beautiful…..I was watching the news, weather from Dallas…..I thought I wonder how Mike will transmute weather into words….outer reality into inner paths…..and there it is :). Keep warm.

    Liked by 1 person

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