limpid lamentations

lost in the
limpidity of
gaze as i
seek the next
in perilously
penned prose
as i let my
fingers trail
through the
swirl of æther

the patterns
in vacant lines
that hope for
a mysterious
yet in their
show nothing
but a vapid need
for attention
limp little
with no real
poetic value

amazed at how
empty the faux
feels as it
flops on the
beach gasping
to appease the
need to feel
needed by
faceless crowds
in this limpid
state of delusion
repeating all
the greatest fits
with a new
moniker and the
same old baggage

some storms
leave lightning
scars in glass
across the
embittered horizon
others bluster
only to scatter
upon closer
momentary wisps
with no real
substance behind
the vacuous prose
left from when
there was something
to actually say

i skim across
the limpidity of
the open sea
uncertain if
the flashes are
sunshine reflected
off of the waves
or glimmers of
hope in a
hopeless state
of disambiguity
doomed to sink
a scuttled wreck
perfectly visible
in the unclouded
ocean of dream


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