opalescent inferno

and i sat
alone in the
running my
fingers along
the worn
wooden ring of
the dreamcatcher
hoping to
dislodge a
sweet dream
from the tangled
knots of
encrusted over
the intricately
woven design

the sky ignited
into an
a swarm of
pink and purple
bruising in
reverse as
i bask greedily
in the light
the first
act of the
birdsong choir
warbled notes
the insolence
of the indolent
fool whispering
prayers to
the sleepy sun

a faint
tiny dots of
yellow light
from where the
scamper through
unveiling all
new constellations
of lovelorn
idiocy across
every surface
as i wait for
the coffee to
brew and
the new day to
begin the same
lingering sorrows
as i use my
heart as an anchor
to keep this
vessel tethered
exactly where
she left it


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