hashtag blessed

there was
an apartment building
and a group of
people standing with
cell phones out
recording as
the firemen fought
the blaze
ignoring the families
staring in horror
as their lives
wafted into the gray

humans being
unable to put themselves
in anyone else’s
insolent crowds of
self absorbed shitstains
posting other people’s
misery with praying hands
and a hashtag
rather than doing
anything to help

and i watch it all
from the traffic jam
caused by the gawkers
hoping to get
a good shot of the
child clutching her
stuffed elephant
as her mother sobs

kindness is free
but the endorphins
from social media likes
are a precious commodity
and false sincerity
is easier to pretend


7 thoughts on “hashtag blessed

  1. This is a conversation that I can have forever, honestly. It really is disheartening to see someone just recording instead of helping when someone else is going through misery. But the question I always ask myself is what else could the bystander do? If the fire is burning the building and even a fireman is struggling to do his job, what can I—a regular person with no training nor valuable instinct in situations like this—do to help? If a police officer is assaulting a civilian beyond the point where the punishment is logical or understandable, what can I—a black person with not many privileges in my country—do? The simple answer is to just walk away if I cannot help. That’s understandable. But do you know how many police crimes that were only brought forth to the attention of the public because somebody decided to record and post it on social media instead of engaging? What do we say about all the help that a victim receives because someone published their suffering on social media? Should the bystander just have walked away? Of course, most people probably record the painful event—we think—for the popularity it may bring them on social media, but sometimes I think someone getting a few likes can be ignored if their selfish act will bring attention to yet another painful event that would be brushed under the rug.

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    1. You’re not wrong on any of it. If you cannot help, I think the show of decency of not openly filming heartache is a minimal thing. I also think recording an altercation with police and one with firemen are two entirely different circumstances. I am pro recording police. And I guess if you saw firemen starting fires, that changes that as well.

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