rain drizzles
on the row of rumbling
slumbering trucks
i sit staring
paperwork to
update and miles
to drive
unmotivated by
a dismal view
looking forward
to a pot of coffee
as i return to
my gargoyle’s perch
wasting away in
a world of disillusion

there is no
true terminus to
this madness
type the end
only to open a
fresh document
and begin again
the whiteboard
overfilled as
i manically find
new ideas to
distract from the
old ideas until
my brain shudders
one last spark

my demons and i
sit having coffee
the myriad of
disasters in a
drunken splendor
of schadenfreude
scented bon mots
wondering if we
will remember the
rains once summer
rears her fury
knowing we will
surely lament
either sun or storm
depending on which
deigns to shower
its attention down


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