pixelated wünderkind

having a
reason for the
rampant anxiety
should be
one would think
but picking
apart the pixels
of something
you cannot control
compared to
searching for
a reason to
pick apart the
but it is
most assuredly
not the case

there is a
slight comfort
in knowing
this feeling
like a
heart attack
is real

an end of
the world party
on god’s
detached retina
jerky movements
to a spastic
wall of noise

i occupy
the blindspot
of civility
prodding the
next chapter
of the apocalypse

the pixels
pick me apart
in caustic waves
over an
acidic mindscape
my heart is
a bug zapper
sparking in a
storm of

having a reason
for the
rampant anxiety
is no blessing
just another
goat’s head
painted in blood
over my pillow

my dreamcatcher
caught on fire
as i slept through
the fire alarm
as if it were
a chorus of angels
now i lay here
rubbing two
worries together
hoping to strike
a five alarm blaze


5 thoughts on “pixelated wünderkind

  1. Hi Mike! I like that you used no punctuation… and how it dead-ended (structurally speaking) while the images/content scream for exclamation points… this is both electric and numb feeling to me. I Hope you’re doing ok though!!! I know anxiety can be rough for you.
    FYI… We made gingerbread muffin heads after reading Grimm! I decorated them with raisin faces. So THAT was a Hallmark rated R- Tales of the Crypt… double entendre (on the tails…) Twilight the movie cameo… I swear…Fairyland tRump end of the rainbow sort of short!!!! I was not expecting all the ins and outs… there were a few groans but also lots of laughter and everyone wanted to know how it would end… There was some suggestion that you could make it a “Choose your own ending” style read… if you ever revisit it… 🤔
    I reread the new poem that I posted and decided to discard it… I’d been distracted by a woman selling chicken feed who liked my blog… and so it was a quickie… off the cuff thing… but why? 😱 So no more chicken poems! The AI algorithm is f*****ckwading me. So I’m just going to have to go back to the drawing board. Thanks for coming by earlier and giving it a courtesy “like” even though it SUCKED. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i actually quite enjoyed the chicken one, no courtesy likes.

      gingerbread men with raisin faces was one of my favs as a kid at the local bakery back home. i am glad you enjoyed Grimm. and i have an idea for a choose your own adventure style story. logistically it is a nightmare, but it could be cool.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah, I am known more for my gingerbread far and wide, than my dang writing… so when the whole cupcake gingerbread stuff was happening in your story I was laughing and then the impulse to bake took hold. My gingerbread men or muffins are never dry. lol!
        When the woman didn’t do any of her own baking in the story and cheated, for her success… she became the villain for me. The remake and take on Grimm was fun but yes, very dreamlike… and a different kind of nightmare.
        You’d be excellent at a choose your own adventure nightmare, Mike. That would be wondrous.
        Thanks for the kind words on the chicken poem, but I feel like I was just repeating myself accidentally… from older work… and it didn’t feel necessary. I don’t know what makes one poem necessary for me and another less so… but occasionally I find myself weeding. I’ve been too busy to write at my best “level” so hopefully I’ll get some real time for it soon. I can become compulsive about writing but that’s not always real writing… if that makes sense…
        Have a good day!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I’ll be thinking of them running as fast as they can…
            and then probably it’s gonna get foxy no doubt.
            I only like my gingerbread men traditionally cocky before they are completely consumed.
            🌸 later alligator!

            Liked by 1 person

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