one day
when scholars
scan our bones
to better
the conditions
of early
twenty first
century humanity
they will see
only the minerals
leading to
calcium deficient
while never
once seeing
the fires that
burned in our
bellies or the
passions that
scorched our hearts

of how we breathed
great sighs of relief
to greet
the morning sun
as it dispelled
the darkness
or how we toiled
to remove the
blights that darkened
our morning glares
as the sparrows
scream of seeds
and bits of
brightly colored yarn
the soulshatter
we spread throughout
in a lackadaisical
malaise of self induced
suffering as we
slowly fade away

to hell with the
scholars and their
flawed insights
stripping the base
layer from skeletons
in a scientific stupor
ignoring the things
that made us
humans being
to better understand
the faulty condition
that is a human being
all they can be
despite the whims of
an uncaring universe
cascading alone
hoping for an
interaction that
will make some sense
of the senselessness
in existence

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