radon gas

i dreamt
of the radiation
keeping the
snow at bay
the same dull glow
etched into
my brittle bones
the foul malaise
that infected
my developing
a soon to be
shattered psyche
and a plethora
of insecurities
in abandoned

i dreamt
of fields of
blackberry bushes
with sharp thorns
and large
black and yellow
spiders sitting
patiently in
complex webs
sticky fingers
stained lips
torn flesh
in stinging swarms
of biting flies
beneath the angry
glare of the
summer sun

i dreamt
of what was once
called home
now no more than
static images
icy slices
cutting deeply
of voices forgotten
smiles burnt in
radioactive rays
over the broken
yet never beaten
soul of a poet
a vagabond
seeking a
forever home
in a world of
self induced

i dreamt
of the radiation
in my heart
slowly killing
the things i love
of invisible
radon gas
a dusting of
silent doom
of treehouses
left unbuilt
behind razor wire
and maybe if
i expose myself
a large enough dose
my skeleton will
shine long after
my words have
been forgotten


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