a fine day for dancing shoes

after the
terror of zooming
just south of
the speed of
light wears off
when i can finally
untangle the
knotted threads
that is a world
i have difficulties
sometimes understanding
i can follow these
manic rays of
thought toward a
truce with my
awkward brain

and once i finally
have restrung this
tattered tapestry into
something resembling
a functional soul
i slam dead still
into an apathetic fugue
where busy fingers
play cat’s cradle
until all that remains
is knotted disasters
plucked with anxietal
moanings that send
shivers through this
teetering house of cards

i tiptoe along
the razored edge of
manic and depressive
borderlining my
steam powered heart
to frighten the
canaries fluttering
in my cage of ribs
bound and gagged
in self shibari
going a million miles
an hour headfirst
into a hell of my
own devising sending
kisses with the sparrows
lost somewhere over
texarkana seeking
the sunrise in
merry morning dancing


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