if i had
one wish
i would wish
all of your
wishes came true
what else could
i possibly need
knowing you
are content

the sunrise
your smile
sylvia and coffee
exactly enough
to eradicate
the darkness
my sleepy brain

10 thoughts on “wishes

      1. Mike, I thought about my knee-jerk reaction to the word “Ma’am” and was very cross with myself on reflection. What in the world? I recalled when I lived in NC that “ma’am” was a word of respect. It was the same when I lived in Texas. I know there was nothing bad meant by what you wrote. These are old tapes, I guess, recalling my mother say, “Do not EVER call me ‘ma’am'” to a well-meaning whoevertheywere. So, apologies. You can call me ma’am if you want to. I’ got over myself.

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