falconry for beginners

i am alone
on the roof of
the parking
garage overlooking
the campus under
a billowing gray
as a falcon sits
with a regal scowl
listening halfheartedly
to me spill out
these desires in
a hazy infusion
of lavender hued
adorations to crackle
motes of dander
inciting a riot
of indecnt shades
and electrified need

burnt wisps of pages
torn from a ragged
dream journal in
another of my fits
where the only beauty
i can seem to find
is in the thunder
rumbling over the
domed buildings as i
beg the storm to
unleash its fury down
upon my aching mind
while i manically toss
matches hoping for
the spark needed to
set the dreamtinder
ablaze in purifying flame

the first fat drops
fall and i vibrate
between them
without thinking
aloofly illusionary
unwilling to sully
the beauty brewing
in the storm as
reflected in the
falcon’s noble stare


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