you just keep going.

how do you
rectify knowing
despite how
you bleed
your suffering
does not pacify
the masses
desire for
familiarity in
a stagnancy of
similar flotsam

your art
is little more
than a billboard
faded and half
peeled off by
the ceaseless
howling gales
once vibrant
now pixels picked
apart by the
bored hands of
winsome anxiety

your dessicated
soul now bereft of
the faintest echo
adrift in hope’s
gaping vacancy
a tumbleweed
leaving the best
parts of your broken
embedded in the
red dirt as you
slowly fade away

nothing more
than a collection of
subversions and
unseemly ugliness
congealed over
the bonfires
once stoked in the
idiocy of childhood
when happily really
was ever after and
tomorrow pulsated
impregnated with promise


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