I dip you dip we dip

Kids are gone. Emptiness somehow fills the room. The contradiction does not escape me. It feels oppressive after the laughter all weekend. Choir Recital tomorrow night so I get to steal a few more minutes.

The feeling of loving them more than life itself and distance is like a blade between the second and third rib. They are so awesome. Lazy little slobs but it gives me something to do. But brilliant. Even when Dax finds a way to make me bleed. The sleepover was great. Sierra is super fucking sweet. Where Maia has embraced my nihilistic brand of humor, she was almost bubbly.

Then the wind down lazy day was pretty chill. We watched Adam Ruins Everything and skateboard vids. Chatted. It was blissful.

Meh. At least we had a great time. 

Head still feels like those little bastards are banging away. Can’t have the good without the bad, right?

Right. Fuck. Choir tomorrow. Six more days.

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