Bullets and Chamber Music

That title is gonna be misleading. I liked the play though. Maybe at some point I can make it fit in. Probably not.

The headache has mutated and the chunk of skin Dax flayed from my scalp is not helping. Shit. He tried to fucking scalp me. Cowboys and Indians is not meant to be played that ferociously. 

He doesn’t know I covered his blanket in small pox. The head will heal! The small pox is the long con. Fucking evil genius over here. 


Cue lasers and send out the dancing automatons of destruction. Release the doves and arm the explosives. This mug is about to get turnt out.

Turnt. Hmm. Nice.

if I could be an evil overlord, I would be relatively good at my gig. I imagine that my minions would respect my iron fist. Or break beneath it. Traps and torture implements would line the streets. My people would cheer my arrival and always bow out of respect.

And I would only tax them 80 percent and send their children to the mines at age 12.

Balance and compromise.

But that is just a dream for now. Like World peace and endless tacos. 

The gun in the hand of the tyrant plays music as the bullet leaves the chamber, though the song is not one of redemption but servitude. 

feels forced.

Onward and downward. 

I feel blurry today. Out of sorts a bit from the headache I suppose. Ready for work to end and the trip to choir to begin.

I dreamt I had found a fledgling galaxy lying on the side of the road. I picked it up and watched in awe as the Big Bang happened. Watched star dust form into planets and break apart. Endlessly forming and fracturing until finally settling into a routine. Orbital patterns and streaking comets. I grabbed a comet by the tail and replaced it into the path of a moon and watched it blast through. It was beauty and sorrow wrapped into a perfect package.

I awoke to no new galaxy. Just the cold silent one we all occupy. It was depressing. Not sad depressing. Disappointed depressing. there is a difference. I think.

Who the fuck am I to say? 

I am rambling and fidgety today. Feel a touch out of sorts. Anxious? Not sure. 5 more days

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