beach, words

we were lying on the beach

watching the waves roll in

the sun had already done a number on us despite the number of times i got rub your back, your legs, under the blanket

can never be too safe

you giggled when i said that

never said stop

as the gulls circled above

and the sharks circled in the water

i had a terrifying fear

what circled beneath

i could see the final, dodge the shit

but what was digging it’s way up through the sand

probably nothing

maybe nothing

no, probably nothing but too many drinks with umbrellas

or not enough time under an umbrella

or the scent of coconuts and your sweat

did i ever tell you how intoxicating your smell is

that natural musk and pheromone blend that goes right to the animal part of my brain

i swear

right to the animal brain

i would get a tattoo of your heart beat on my heart

when my heart feels broken i could recreate yours and find my center

when those things burrow up from under the sand, your love is my shield

your scent in my nose

your heart beat on mine

the wind in your hair, swirling about my bald head

the gulls

the sharks

the sun

i love you whispered carefree on the salty surf

a trip we haven’t taken yet

have we

the things clawing their way up

i can feel their jagged little claws under the blanket


your scent

the gulls are swooping down to catch bread thrown by children farther down the beach

raptorous eyes and hunger

there is a surf board on the waves but no body

the water is choppy with pink foam

i love you

i never told you that but i do

before the creatures grab me and drag me down into the sand

before i am consumed

sharks and gulls


you are so beautiful

the sun so bright

my hands smell like coconut

you smile


we were never here

i want to take you here

the surf board bobs

the pink foam

fins sink below the waves

the gulls attacking the kids

screams of pain and fright

the claws

my love

the beach


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