normie, words

normal people weird me out

going through life happy and without a care

how do they function without crippling depression

make it through the day without screaming in their head for the constant babbling to just fucking cease

no dependency on chemicals to blend in

like their natural camoflauge doesn’t exist

they just manage to be part of the school of fish swimming along

no mask

real smiles

it is confusing

they actually enjoy themselves, enjoy other people, enjoy life

i wonder if they ever retreat for a year or so

hide away from the world

would they think that is strange

do they tackle their problems head on

oh wow

it must be amazing

i wouldn’t know

normal escapes me

weirds me out

probably why i will always be alone

no one wants the strange over stability

or someone who speaks in riddles and metaphors over one who just says what they mean

i tried that and was ignored

the right man at the wrong time

the prodigal poet of persistent pennance

mister maybe next time

3 thoughts on “normie, words

  1. “the prodigal poet of persistent pennance” I really like that part.
    What really is normal? And if cookie cutter is normal…. ugh boring. I’d rather have a friend that speaks in riddles.

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