unexpected, words

there was a knock on the door, but as i looked through the peephole there was no one there

again a knock

no one there

ding dong ditch i thought so i stood there waiting

a hand came from the shadows and i jerked the door open

the poor woman

i’m in my boxers, was about to shave so there is a layer of shave balm on my head

and i yelled

she looked ready to pass out

so i am stifling a laugh as she is trying to regain her composure

she stares at me

i stare back

she isn’t staring at my face

i told her my eyes are up here

not sure what she expected but it wasn’t that

she was already blushing but now she was going atomic

i asked if i could help her and for some reason reason she turned even brighter red

she muttered something i couldn’t quite make out and then bolted to her car

i hope she is okay

i considered following but felt that might be in poor taste

back to shaving i guess


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