perform, words

a private performance

seating for one

the spotlight casts it’s harsh gaze upon the fool, center stage

his bald head covered in sweat from the light

he bows

opens his mouth to recite prose yet not sound comes out

sips water, clears throat to try again


he looks out, fear and panic in his gaze

his eyes light up

he turns his back to the lone audience member

the words flow

his heart pours bitterly, tinging the words, corrupting the meaning behind them

his head drops to his chest

his big chance

big failure

he turns back and tries to apologize for his lack of ability

pulls a lone rose from his jacket and tosses it to the disappointed crowd of one

the light goes out and the hook reaches out to yank him from the stage

full refund is issued

the marquee is erased, all posters destroyed

the opening night grand finale of the worst performance in history

went better than he expected


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