a father’s lament, words

my daughter has a crush

watching young love in bloom is surreal and amazing

stirs the heart strings and all that jazz

i wish i could shield her from the dire effects, encase her heart in steel to protect it from the pain that is destined to come

but i cannot

my battered heart knows all too well

so i let her figure it out on her own

and will be here for her

maybe she will never endure the things i have gone through

i can dream

as i spend another night in my pit of despair i have hope for her

she can experience the things in life that everyone goes through

highs and lows

soaring and falling

i’m happy for her

but i have no doubts i will kill for her

let that stand as a warning

these hands have known violence

and i do not shy away from blood

i shall be her sword if need be

but i will control myself

for now

let all tremble before my fury

if they seek to hurt her precious heart

a father’s lament

and one of the broken hearted

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