you’ll never know the esteem i hold you in

how badly i want to kiss your sacred heart

hold it and feel the gentle glow

i’ll eventually bruise it

but i swear i will never break it

i’m irrevocably broken

and that is something i could never do to you

your sacred heart

il tuo sacro cuore

how it calls to me

il tuo sacro cuore mi chiama

take my evil heart

il mio cuore malvagio

can you hear it calling back

il mio cuore malvagio, puoi sentirlo chiamare ba

can you make it pure

with the touch i long for

i’ll tape it together

make it presentable for you

i understand

if no

how can i expect you to

i’m not worthy of your grace

just another scribe in a sea of suitors

taken in by your light

least of the lesser

compared to your brilliance

another falling star

toppling ever farther


9 thoughts on “down

  1. Oh my heart! My heart! Yes!! This is how I feel too. Sometimes I think a lot of us do, really. But you said it beautifully. Especially these lines, for me:
    “i’m irrevocably broken
    and that is something i could never do to you
    your sacred heart”
    Yep. That’s how I feel. On one hand I want deep reciprocated love and one the other I can’t imagine pushing myself off on someone else. I call myself a doomed romantic. Because I want love and want love for others but I don’t want to push my filth off onto anyone else. *sigh* So, yeah, I get this.

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    1. i’m gonna become approximately one fiftieth less self loathing if you continue this understanding. dammit. but that is exactly it. i want to tell her that she has me wrapped so tightly around her finger but i’ll just mess it up.

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  2. Mike, bless your heart. Everyone is irrevocably broken! Not a one of us are ever the same after the first time that we feel hurt? We all fall in love to give, and receive love. Our gift of healing for the irrevocably broken! Absolutely gorgeous poetry!

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    1. i’m just hoping to find one broken in a way our pieces fit together. one that can push me find that next level. someone that hears the words sing in a compatible way. that way we can make love through prose for the world to read. like trying to carry water with a net. as always, thank you for your kind words. today has been a down day and i feel like there will be an outpouring before i can i explode.


      1. (((Mike)))You are made of love and passion. Two amazing and maddening emotions which have made you a great poet! Lovers online, especially poets, live in torment. I believe many ladies would love to collaborate romantic words with you! They may understand about the agony felt when words will be all there is? You are a master at writing, everything will fall into place. Romantic poetry is very personal to me, the wording, the seductiveness of it. I keep it to myself. I am though working on a poem about you, the poet! It will take me time though, I have a lot going on here in my neck of the woods! I’m sorry that your day was not a bright one! Write your outstanding, world rocking poetry!
        The world awaits!

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        1. oh goodness. i don’t know if i’ve ever been made into a subject before. i am honored beyond words that a maestro such as yourself would even consider my meager talents worthy. humbled.


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