beholden to beauty

i need a new wardrobe

the rags of shame and regret are ill fitting mementos of another time

dress me in your words

kiss my scars

drink from my bottomless well of devotion

i was such a fool then

it wasn’t until you i understood the meaning of the words

i take it all back

all those oaths muttered in fits of passionate delusion

they were lessons i learned by carving pieces of myself off

lessons learned to love you the way you deserve

i’ve tossed the flaws into the flames of unbridled need

to fuel the fires of sincerity necessary to prove myself to you

they were two dimensional billboards on the road to finding you

hollow images that fade away in the grandeur of that which you so flawlessly embody

do you see the affect you have over me

stumbling over the words that once choked me

if beauty is in the eye of the beholder i am beholden to you

words like always and forever seemed meaningless until wrapped in the essence of truth

i uttered lies to prepare my tongue for that truth

without the pain

the cold burning of loss

i could never have found the ability to reduce myself to the intricate insignificance necessary

made malleable from stark rigidity so we can seemlessly flow as one

apart we are fleeting molecules vibrating out of tune with the cosmos

so dress me my dear

drape your need across my shoulders

wrap me in your words

together we shall teach them what it means be complete

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