not going to lose no matter the price

she asked me if i wanted to play a game

i smiled

she said stick out your tongue and of course i complied

she bit down on it and held it between her fangs as she tied my wrists to the bed post with barbed wire

easy i mumbled as she bit down harder and feeling the heat of venom

she carved her name in runic letters down my sternum with a rusty blade

the barbed wire dug into my wrists leaving trails of blood down my forearms and my fingers grew pins and needles from lack of circulation

mine she hissed over a forked tongue

you wish i replied through gritted teeth

the blood welled in the cuts

i smiled

she never stated the rules of the game and i didn’t want to lose

then she inserted needles into my tear ducts

made delicate cuts beneath my eyes

ran the blade down my cheek

across my throat

just hard enough to draw more blood

piercing the skin with a master touch

a bucket of ice placed at the end of the bed

for later she promised

handfuls of leeches scattered across my torso

a ravenous feast for famine biting and slithering on my skin as she slid farther down the bed

i hid my fear as she played with me

took me into her mouth

gently at first

then biting

raking her fangs down my now rigid shaft

all while gently spinning the tip of the blade on my left nipple

her serpent tongue flicking as her fangs drew grooves

i choked down the pain and the pleasure and stared with eyes unable to blink

unable to focus

then she stopped

my body a cross cut bleeding mess with fat slugs and ragged wounds

blackened hands and carved at her discretion

the venom coursing through my veins sending tremors through me

do you quit she hissed

i spat blood at her

it ran down her face to her scaly chest

and she smiled as her tongue lapped at it


that’s when she reached down and pulled out an axe

it’s gonna take more than that i winced

oh, there’s plenty more to come

and she brought it down

over and over again

her laughter and the wet whacking sound filled the room

i’m in it to win

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