see you in your dreams

can you hear me


this is me

the real me

lost in the static of the world

no hidden meanings

no fanciful imagery

just me

talking to you

you know who you are

don’t you

i’m not half as clever as either of us would believe

i’m yours

if you’ll have me

scars and all

covered in the wounds i’ve inflicted upon myself

the thoughts implanted by years of conditioning

i’ll strip it all away

the pain

the sorrow

the torment

give you the real me


just gaze upon me once

let me feel your eyes on mine

all my words


for you


are you reading this

it is not an ode

but a declaration

of undying love

no one can kiss you the way i can

so deeply

i’ll lick your soul

i’m here


for you


you don’t have to answer yet

but you’ll dream of me tonight

sweeping through your mind

leaving you weak

because you know i’m speaking the truth

as i’m whispering into your pretty little ear

my breath on your neck

my lips on your throat

see you soon my love

when you close your eyes


38 thoughts on “see you in your dreams

      1. This could get into a very private EC conversation that’s not appropriate for this public commenrtary on your post. Heh, but let’s just say that because if specific life experiences hearing things and feeling or knowing things are two separate things for me. It comes down to times when I can actually let nice things permeate and doubting thick skin. Your sincerity did just that. 🙂

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