are you okay

she stood in front of me holding the smoking pistol

i stared into her eyes as crimson blossomed in the front of my shirt

she smiled innocently and raised the gun again

a feeling of cold swept through my limbs and my body seemed to refuse the panic my brain was sending in waves

she asked if i was okay and i couldn’t catch enough breath to say i was fine

her lips curved up into a grin as my life flowed down to pool on the ground between my legs

then she squeezed the trigger again and again and again

as gravity eventually won over shock and stability i slumped to my knees

wet sucking breaths sending spraying mist from my chest

i could do nothing but stare at her as she inhaled the blue smoke from barrel and smiled

is something wrong she asked as i fell forward onto the ground in a pool of my own misgivings

i saw her walk away as darkness made my vision fade

the last thing i heard before silence was all that existed was her say

you’ll be fine

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