worked (ripped) out

did my morning workout, thought to workout the feelings, the pain, the feelings of self induced anger and hate

and as i did my cardio

nearly impossible as it takes three pieces of equipment to work out a broken heart as they refuse to be a team

i pedalled and pedalled, like a street vendor or carnival barker, shouting out to the aeons of the undercurrents of the aether

my skin began bubbling

my head twisted a full three sixty giving me a panoramic view of the hell i’m in

a duality to my voice as i chanted along to the music in my ears in latin and mesopatamian

cursing the sky

spitting upon the ground

oil pouring down my face

projectile vomitting all the pent up anger in my worn tapestry of a soul

more a flimsy blanket marred with burnt offerings to inattentive deities and uninterested powers that may or may not be

my legs burning from lack of oxygenated blood and lactic acid overflow

i felt a being that was not my being but had been a part of it for so long the absence was noticed immediately shoot forth my every orifice

and looked at me and laughed

a staunch red skinned creature with cloven hooves and talons instead of feet and hands

and as he vanished in a shimmering pool of bile i slumped down and fell to the floor

i lay panting

in immense pain and horror at what had just befell me

and as i tried to crawl

this great emptiness somehow filling me

tears and mucus streaming down my soot covered face

i just trembled and felt my loss

the charred and melted remains of this gym equipment gave one last mechanical shudder and fell into pieces with a ghastly chuckle

this exercise bike become exorcise bike leaving me broken and in worse shape than i began

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