a vision of you

drops of blood in the clear glass of water
cloudy swirls
your fingerprints
greasy reminders
along every surface of my soul

unapologetic odes of once

ash and dust
little gray snowflakes
caught upon the tongue
all that remains cardiac discontent

water turned scarlet
ebbs and flows
small tendrils still clear

this open wound
ever present itch
last bits of solemnity
and still i drink
civility gone
thirst all that remains

the bittersweet taste of pomegranate seeds
stained lips and fingers
juice dripping down the chin
the throat
trickling down
a sticky river of sinful delight

a bird perches upon the sill
head cocked
unseeing eyes peering into the dark

silence so loud
near deafening
deadened hands
a spasming
twitch of motor sensory regression

as the light refracts upon the crimson water
the bloody red staining the skin
attracting gnats

how well the blind can see
the deaf can hear
the mute can sing
echoed tales of dawn
of sun rise
sun sets
fat drops of dew burned away by the morning sun

bound and gagged
left to rot in the cool damp cellar

but still the scarlet dreams

in it’s dreams of everlasting sorrow
the light through the blinds blinds
and all that is clear
is fingerprints on the glass

a vision

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