new day

cockroach in the coffee cup
he takes errant sips
brown against the brown
brush against the lips

a new day dawns

maggots in the soft cheese
mold on the bread
everything is tainted
happiness is dead

a new day dawns

the face staring back from the mirror is unfamiliar, laugh lines like headstones, reminders of things long gone, the hot water steams the glass, he doesn’t need it, muscle memory drags the blade across is skull, on cruise control, numb to the miscue, the slice, a red mask

this brief moment of stinging pain the first thing he has felt in days, weeks? months, yet still the clock keeps ticking down the seconds until a new day dawns, another wasted moment, in another wasted life, the blood dries, a cracked mask of rust on an uncaring face

a new day dawns

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